About us

We are a team of healthcare professionals but more importantly, we are women too!!

Whilst working in the area of fertility, we witnessed an increase in women in the older age category (38 years and above) seeking IVF treatment and at the same time a significant interest in egg freezing.

We became aware that there was a lack of knowledge among women about fertility, egg quality and treatment choices.

This concern has triggered the creation of MyOvaplan where women can access free and evidence-based information about their fertility and treatment options. With this information, they can make better-informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices and safeguard their future fertility.

Registered Nurse,
Fertility Specialist and Coach.

"Working in the fertility field and being a gender equity and fairness supporter, I have developed an enormous passion about fertility preservation and women empowerment".

Clinical Pharmacist,
Academic Supervisor and Healthcare Consultant.

"Being a woman and a leader has encouraged me to support and inspire other women to focus on their career-path. Co-founding this project is part of it".

Registered Office of the Company
1 Fortis Green London
N2 9JR
United Kingdom
Registered No. 11093295

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