The Big XXI Century Phenomenon

Egg freezing was initially and mainly used by women who were diagnosed with cancer and needed to undergo chemotherapy treatments. However, in recent years, this option has become a trend for women who want to delay having children. HFEA (The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority) calls it Elective Freezing or Social Egg Freezing as there is no medical indication for it.

Nowadays, there are controversial opinions. Some people defend the option of preserving the fertility to a later stage in life, but others are concerned with the risks involved - the false expectation about frozen eggs that may not thaw well, or may not give a live birth.

Clinics and experts will guide you, but you have to understand that women are different and the results might differ. We recommend you to seek advice, to choose clinics that have been doing this technique for a long time, but more importantly to understand the risks, the benefits and the reasons for your choice.

We are here to help and guide you too.

Egg Freezing Worldwide

Egg Freezing is now performed worldwide. However, it is important to be aware of:

  • Country law (egg freezing regulation)
  • Storage
  • Transport (in case you want to use the eggs elsewhere in the future)
  • Medical care
  • Costs
  • Medication

For example, China does not offer egg freezing for single woman, so they have the option to do it overseas. Singapore for instance, only offer Egg Freezing for medical related reasons. On the other hand, some cities in Japan fund egg freezing programs to increase the birth rate among their population.

Interestingly, in 2014, Apple and Facebook initiated a funding program for their collaborators to support Egg Freezing. Nowadays, there are many firms in the Silicon Valley offering money for Egg Freezing (The Guardian, 2014).

There are also few celebrities who announced that they had frozen their eggs, increasing the interest around this upcoming trend.

You need to do what you feel it is right for you, but make your decision based on an accurate knowledge and diagnosis.

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